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Don’t Spoil Your Hard Work!

  04 May 2017 | By

Picture this, you need a leaflet to market your company. You and your team spend an hour coming up with ideas. You go away for a few days to work independently and then come back to produce a shortlist. You put the shortlist to a wider audience in the company to see what people prefer. With the results you can now start to create a great design. The graphics team put together some designs over a week or so. Now it’s back to the wider audience to narrow it down. Another week making the final tweaks to perfect your design, and voila, you have a superb design that everyone seems to love. Now it’s the simple bit, find a cheap price and get them printed. You get them back from the printers and send them to your customers. Job done! But wait, no one seems to be responding. Did it arrive ok? Has it got lost?

What you didn’t see was that all those long hours and fantastic work was undone in seconds. One customer picked up the leaflet a little too firmly and it tore, another lifted it up to read and couldn’t as it was too see through, another didn’t get a chance a couple of drops of rain hit it and it fell apart. Some customers didn’t care to take try and take in the leaflet, some customers blacklisted your company mentally because of the poor print.

Don’t let this happen to you! The type of stock you choose for your printing is a massive decision. It is as important as the design. If you can’t see the design, you can’t take in the information. It is important to find a price that fits your budget, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of your brand. 

We have banned 130gsm and 135gsm thicknesses. In fact, we won’t a customer request less than 150gsm. We wouldn’t do it ourselves so why let our customers? 150gsm is a good standard to start at and perfect for a variety of uses. Need a more sophisticated finish without impacting the usage? Go for 250gsm. Want to make a big impact and stand out from the crowd? Go the whole way and have 350gsm. But we are not saying break the bank, far from it. Our prices are very competitive. You will find, in fact, that our 150gsm prices are competitive with other companies 130gsm prices. So why settle for less and spoil all your hard work?

Offer Alert: 10,000 150gsm A5 flyers double sided £150 including design!

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