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How To Build A Brand

  04 May 2017 | By

There are a number of occasions in which a new brand is needed for a company. You have a new idea for a business and you need a new brand to match, you want to reinvent your business and a new brand will help. Whatever the reason, it is important that you get it right. After all, you need to live the new brand. You need to have the passion that will deliver the new brand to your customer. 

So what is needed? Well first of all it is not one size fits all. The Apple brand would not fit Dell or Samsung or vice versa. The brand is very closely connected with the DNA of a business. The people who work for it, the customers that buy from it, the markets in which it competes. In someways, the brand is already moulded by the business itself. It is your job then to dress it up so your customer can see it. And there in is the essence of brand building, your primary thought should be, can they see this, is it obvious enough?

A brand is made up of a number of factors, such as style, medium and location. Your style is made up of fonts, colours and graphics. You want a customer to see you without actually seeing you. For example, you don’t have to read it is from Disney to recognise its font. You don’t have to stop to check if the petrol station is BP if you have seen the green and yellow colours. What you need to think is what style will fit the message I want them to recognise without concentrating. If you are a bank, you would want the font to look professional so people don’t think the leaflet is focussing on humour. A funeral services would not want to associate their colours with vibrant, explosive colours. Think long and hard about the style you want your brand to portray. Remember, the customer doesn’t always focus when they see you. Make sure they know they have seen you though. 

If you are an accountant, should you be using economy grade paper for your business cards or do you want your customer to hold strength in a thicker grade? The medium is very important to your brand. Don’t just choose the cheapest and not just the most expensive. Your customer will see what you have chosen and will connect you to it. Don’t just have a bit of everything printed so you cover all basis. Think, would my type of business market using one of these? You want your customers to expect your brand to use certain mediums and not to use others. Play up to that and avoid any pitfalls. 

Why has this retirement home put a leaflet through my door? If it doesn’t make sense that your customer has received your collateral, then they aren’t your customer. Don’t sully your brand by putting it everywhere. It will have some better locations than others, so use this to your strength and be focussed. Eventually your brand will be expected there and customers will be hopeful about encountering you. 

There is a lot to consider when coming up with a brand. But it really is quite simple, match the brand to your businesses DNA, think about the elements of a brand, and be ready to live it. You need to stick to your strategy and drive it hard to get results. Don’t be afraid to put your full effort behind it, and don’t expect instant results. It takes time for brands to resonate with customers, but when they do, it is worth it. 

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