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The Importance of Marketing

  24 July 2017 | By

The most successful businesses have a clear understanding and strategy in place for their marketing, whatever their industry.

Now more than ever it is becoming important to know your marketing stuff, however we have seen many businesses struggle with the concept of marketing and how it can help their business – instead these organisations run their business on referrals and recommendations which can be a high-risk strategy.

Why should my business have a marketing plan?

Having a marketing plan in place, no matter how simple or complex it is, means that you have control over what direction your business is heading in and can therefore make decisions based on projected sales and profit.

Carrying out marketing activities such as online and offline techniques have endless benefits, including:

Increases Brand Awareness

In order for any business to succeed, potential consumers need to have a knowledge of the brand and marketing is one of the only ways to increase brand awareness. Handing out professional business literature and promoting your services online will make your potential customers aware of your brand and will naturally lead to an increase in sales.


Marketing also enables businesses to sustain customers by notifying them of their presence. Each time a current or potential customer receives a piece of business literature, it acts as a reminder of the company and the services or products they supply. This maintains a healthy relationship between businesses and customers, however, marketing must be an ongoing process to be continuously successful.

Company reputation and Trust

Due to marketing increasing brand awareness, that customers will begin to discuss your brand and the products you supply. Good feedback builds a positive reputation and a positive reputation leads to more sales. As this positive feedback is shared amongst existing customers and potential clients trust will build between your company and the target audience.


As your marketing plan develops all the above increase which naturally leads to an increase in the number of sales generated. The aim of any successful marketing campaign is to increase company profits, so be sure to reach the correct people with your marketing efforts and you will be sure to see this have a positive impact on your company bank balance.

How do I create a marketing plan for my business?

If you have decided to start the path of creating a marketing plan for your business it is important to consider key factors including the following:

1. What are the short and long-term goals for your business?

2. Who are your target audience?

3. How will you measure the success of the campaign?

4. What marketing activities will reach your ideal customers?

Each business is different therefore there will be more detailed questions that need to be answered based on industry and individual business requirements however the above gives you some indication on how to begin the process of creating your strategy.

Integrate print into your marketing strategy

Marketing should be a multi-channel approach, therefore it is always recommended to include offline marketing activities such as print in your strategy.

Print materials and business literature are one of the first impressions that you make on your customers, so when they first interact with your brand it is important that the literature advertises your business properly.

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