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Booklet and brochure printing has come a long way! As marketing has developed we have seen new methods and materials come into practice however, something that is a key part of any marketing campaign are booklets and brochures.

Whether they are being used for an event, to hand out at meetings or as magazines to send out to the local area it is important that they give the correct impression.

As a high-quality print company, we have extensive experience in booklet and brochure printing, creating materials for a huge range of occasions.

Booklet and Brochure Printing

Different types of booklet and brochure printing

As with any printed material there are a huge range of options for booklet and brochure printing, each depending on the aim of the literature. Brochures are some of our most popular products at PrintWorthy, we have created our customer’s ideal booklets hundreds of times – whatever their requirements.

To create perfect products, we use two main types of binding for our booklet and brochure printing:

Saddle stitching

Ideal for smaller booklets saddle stitching is when two staples are pressed through the spine of the booklet to keep them secure and in place.

It is a very effective method of binding and is relatively simple to do for an experienced booklet printer.

PUR Binding

A more seamless approach than saddle stitching the PUR binding process begins with aligning all the pages correctly and applying PVA glue with a sturdy to keep everything in place. This is a common type of binding for business reports.

There are able a couple of other binding options that we can offer so if you can’t decide what you need feel free to speak to a member of our team or browse the options on our booklet and brochure products.

High quality booklet and brochure printing

We have worked with hundreds of clients on their booklet and brochure printing, supplying high quality and cost-effective marketing materials. Some of the most common booklets we have printed include:

We pride ourselves on being able to work with any business across any industry, all our booklet printing processes have been optimised to ensure we have a seamless approach to all of our products.

Why choose PrintWorthy?

With over 20 years of experience in the printing industry we have created our brand as a recognised and reliable businesses. We have built our client numbers and have continued to expand our knowledge and experience throughout our years in the industry.

Even though we are a Lancashire based printing company we work with clients across the UK, there’s no middleman with us as we deal with our customers directly. We have a friendly team ready to take any queries or questions from our clients too.

For more information on the booklet and brochure printing browse our products or email our team on

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