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150gsm Silk

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  • 148mm Sq Folded Leaflets

    This smaller sized square folded leaflet is great for budget conscious companies looking for a compact leaflet with a different design. These leaflets are 148mm x 148mm when

  • 210mm Sq Folded Leaflets

    The 210mm x 210mm folded leaflet is a great option for companies looking to be a bit different but needing plenty of space for information and pictures. The product comes in

  • 210mm Sq Leaflets

    The 210mm Sq Leaflet will work for any company and any message. Our full range includes loads of leaflet and flyer sizes to suit any and all needs. We offer a range of paper

  • 210mm Square Stapled Booklets

    As Huey would say, ‘It’s hip to be square… This 210mm x 210mm Stapled Booklet it will make you look modern and really standout from the crowd. The book can

  • A3 Folded Leaflets

    The A3 Folded Leaflet is the best size for you if you are looking for a booklet, magazine or newsletter. This is a firm favourite with companies that need a portfolio or

  • A3 Leaflets

    We love leaflets! Sad we know, but we do. PrintWorthy does the best leaflets at the best prices. Our full range includes loads of leaflet and flyer sizes to suit any and all

  • A3 Posters

    A3 Posters are perfect for quick and mobile marketing at a great price. Our Posters come in a variety of paper types to suit all uses. For more information about our paper

  • A4 Folded Leaflets

    Our folded leaflets are the perfect tool to showcase your brand and give your customer all the information they need to know your products and services. These leaflets start as

  • A4 Landscape Stapled Booklets

    Hands down the best way to display pictures and photos. The A4 Landscape Stapled Booklet is made for companies with fantastic imagery. The book can be 120gsm with a self-cover

  • A4 Leaflets

    A4 Leaflets give you plenty of space to get all your information and pictures on. Perfect for making an impact. We offer a range of paper types and a range of laminate finishes

  • A4 Portrait Stapled Booklets

    The number one choice for magazines and brochures for companies everywhere. The A4 Portrait Stapled Booklet gives you plenty of space for your images and information. The

  • A4 Slim Leaflets

    Our A4 Slim Leaflet is a brilliant bookmark marketing tool. Our full range includes loads of leaflet and flyer sizes to suit any and all needs. We offer a range of paper types

  • A5 Folded Leaflets

    A5 Folded Leaflets are brilliantly pocket size for your audience to have with them on the go. A cost effective marketing tool that gives you the space to deliver your message.

  • A5 Landscape Stapled Booklets

    The A5 Landscape Stapled Booklet is a great little tool for your marketing collateral. The landscape orientation gives you a nice opportunity to display your imagery. The

  • A5 Leaflets

    A5 Leaflets are the most popular item we sell. They are the perfect blend of size and cost. Easy to post and distribute, and easy on the budget. We offer a range of paper

  • A5 Portrait Stapled Booklets

    Your business isn’t complete without an A5 Portrait Stapled Booklet. This 148mm x 210mm booklet is the perfect size to be mobile and yet still pack a punch with its

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